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Things you might NOT have considered when moving home

Things you might NOT have considered when moving home

There are loads of things to think about when moving home which means a lot of important stuff can fall through the cracks if you’re not on top of everything. Bearing that in mind, read these 6 important things you might not have considered when moving home:


– Check the utilities

A lot of people move home without recording the utility meters when they move into their new property – this could include water, gas and electricity. It’s essential you look at the gas, water and electricity meter to see what’s occurring. Make sure you write down the numbers to ensure when you sign up to pay your utility bills in your new property, you can stand your ground if the meter numbers don’t match the new suppliers’ readings.

You may also want to take note of what type of water meter the property uses – installing water meters can now save you money vs popular estimated account set-ups. In addition, find out what broadband speeds your new property can have access too. Did you know, buyers are now paying up to £23,000 extra for homes with fast wifi connection.

Don’t forget to record your old meter stats if you are moving from one property to another – this data is vital so that you can close your utility accounts and pay your final bills correctly.


– The cost of packing materials

You’ll be amazed at how expensive packing materials can be. If you’re not careful, buying cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and sticky tape can add hundreds of pounds to your moving costs. Be smart, try and find the cheapest packing materials you can and make the most out of each moving box. Make sure you research best prices online vs high street stores and don’t forget to utilise old packaging, boxes and bubble you may have around your house and loft! To save money, why not use quilts and old bedding to pad boxes during transit. To read 50+ professional packaging tips click this link.


– Finding the best mover

If you’re using a removal company, it’s only natural to just go with a mover you’ve heard of or a company a friend has suggested. However, you’re better off doing the research and actually finding the best company for the job, both in terms of service and price. Look online and read reviews to find a mover that’s affordable and offers a brilliant service. This will make your move a lot easier – and cheaper too.

To learn more about removal costs, read this great Which? article. When you’re ready to move, compare companies and get quotes from online platforms such as and


– Choosing a solicitor

When moving home, you need a solicitor to carry out the transaction and deal with legal issues on your behalf. It’s important to do your research both on and offline to ensure you find the best solicitor for the job who can act both fast and professional. Solicitors can be very expensive however remember to get a few different quotes and ALWAYS negotiate on price. To find out more about why you need a Solicitor when you move house, read this detailed guide.


– Changing your contact details

When moving house, a change of your landline number is inevitable. During a house move, many people forget to update their contact details not only with their friends and family but also important accounts such as bank accounts and doctor surgeries. It’s vital to remember that you need to update your landline number across all the possible areas that it could be stored – failure to do this could result in missed communications.


– Redirecting your mail

While you’re in the process of changing your contact details, you could also pay to have your mail redirected to your new home. In the UK, Royal Mail post re-direct costs from as little as £30 for 3 months. This can stop intermediatory post getting lost in the ‘letter universe’ and gives you time to update your accounts once you are settled into your new home. Mail re-directs ensure all your traditional mail is delivered to your new home and not your old address! It’s also really useful for letting you know the main places to contact and inform that your address has changed.


As you can see, there are many things you might not have considered when moving home. Try and keep them in mind next time you move house to keep your stress levels down and help the process run smoothly. We hope our tips have been useful and help you during your next house move, wherever you may be moving to!



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